Articles from June, 2012

Exploring the World of Yoga

There is no denying it; people are fanatical about yoga.  It’s amazing to think that a practice that has been around for more than 5,000 years is still so prominent in our world.  Across the board, thousands of people turn to yoga as a form of mediation, bodywork, and even exercise.  It’s easy to see [&hellip

Indoor or Outdoor: That is the Question

There is no question that running, when done properly and in appropriate amounts, is a highly beneficial form of aerobic exercise.  When balanced with adequate amounts of flexibility and resistance training, benefits can include:  increased maximum oxygen uptake, improved body composition (decrease in body- fat stores), coronary risk reduction, increased bone strength, and enhanced psychological [&hellip

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Michael is a certified personal trainer in Chicago, helping people achieve their fitness goals.