Articles from February, 2013

Treating Depression Through Exercise

It has been documented that nearly one in four people will experience depression at some time throughout their lives. Currently, clinical depression is a disease that is affecting millions of people throughout this country and the world. According to biologists, depression is caused by deficits of certain chemicals in the brain including norepinephrine, dopamine, and [&hellip

Exercise and Low Back Pain: Is it safe?

Over all the years that I have been working in the fitness and massage therapy industries, I have discovered that there is one all too common complaint that far outweighs any other: low back pain. It has been estimated that 80 % of the population will experience an episode of low- back pain some time [&hellip

Welcome to the Gun Show

Since mankind first developed a sense of body awareness the symbol of strength has always been depicted by the robust and defined arm. Therefore, it is no surprise that building solid arms is of the most sought after goals of fitness enthusiasts today. Even novices who have little or no experience with fitness and decide [&hellip

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