Articles from May, 2013

The Curse of Corporate America

Right now, millions of people are sitting at a desk getting fat! It is the sad truth. All over America, millions of people are stuck at a desk every day from 9 to 5, not moving, not eating healthy, and usually stressed out. This is not a good equation. Inactivity combined with stress and poor [&hellip

Making Exercise Fun- Yes, it’s Possible!

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve encountered over the years that simply “dread” going to the gym.  Judging by the looks on their faces you would think that they were being tortured.  It doesn’t matter if the person has been going to the gym for years or if they’ve just started; there are [&hellip

Dispelling the Myths: Common Fitness Fallacies

OK, I have wanted to write a column like this for some time now- a chance to voice my opinion on some very common situations that take place in the gym as well as in the minds of certain exercisers.  Hopefully it will answer some questions that many of you may have.  Over the years [&hellip

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