Articles from July, 2013

Training the Back: It Needs Love Too!

Ask me at any time what my favorite muscle group to train is and I’ll always give you the same answer- the back! I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s because I like the feel of the muscles contracting as the shoulder blades squeeze together; maybe it’s because I like the look of a [&hellip

Solving the Protein Puzzle

It is one of the most common questions I have come to hear over the years: “How much protein should I be eating?” It is no secret that protein should be an essential component of everyone’s diets, especially that of bodybuilders. The question of how much protein to consume has been debated at length for [&hellip

Gym Etiquette for Dummmies

Let’s face it, annoying people are everywhere. Whether it’s the obnoxious neighbor making too much noise at night, or the babbling co- worker who talks endlessly about nothing, or the crazy driver who cuts you off in the middle of Lakeshore Drive, we can’t escape the reality that there is always going to be people [&hellip

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