Articles from September, 2014

Tricep Pressdown for Triceps of Death

When it comes to arm training, many people seem to focus heavily on bicep training. However, it is every bit as important to include training for the triceps. In fact, this underappreciated muscle group is arguably the workhorse of the upper arm and can add considerable size when trained properly. As the name suggests, the [&hellip

Blazing Guns: The Barbell Bicep Curl

While my more recent articles have discussed larger compound exercises, it is important not to forget about smaller more isolated exercises as well, namely exercises for the arms. The classic barbell bicep curl is one of the simplest yet most effective exercises for the biceps. If you are looking to increase your arm strength and [&hellip

Booty Time: Wide Stance Kettlebell Deadlift

One of my favorite exercises for the lower body is undoubtedly the Wide Stance Kettlebell Deadlift. This highly functional exercise is a powerful and dynamic movement that targets most of the muscles of the lower body while also engaging the core. Muscle groups mainly targeted are the quadriceps, hamstrings, hip adductors, and the gluteus maximus, [&hellip

A Classic: Flat Bench Press for a Bigger Chest

In all of the years that I have been training, a bigger and more defined chest has always been high on the list of goals for most respective clients. When it comes to training the chest, the Flat Bench press is without a doubt a gold standard. It is an exercise that professional bodybuilders have [&hellip

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