Articles from October, 2015

The BB Upright Row: A Classic for the Upper Back & Shoulders

Throughout the training arsenal, there are many great “postural” exercises; that is, exercises designed to correct or improve faulty posture. One very common faulty posture is rounded shoulders, which is commonly found in people who sit at computers all day. The musculature of the upper back becomes stretched out and weak, leading to weakness. One [&hellip

Dips for Powerful Pecs

When it comes to training the chest, there is one exercise that I have been performing for over 30 years now: dips. Between the ages of 12 and 15 I competed as a gymnast. The training was intense. My coaches used to torture my teammates and I with 45 minutes of strengthening and conditioning at [&hellip

Fire Those Abs: The Stability Ball Crunch

Over the years, there has been great speculation about abdominal training and whether or not it is really necessary. It is true that many larger compound exercises such as squats and lunges activate the abdominals as synergistic muscle groups. However, it is my opinion that the abdominals should also be isolated by doing specific exercises [&hellip

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