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Don’t Wait- Get Your Beach Body Now!

Folks, I think you’ll all agree with me that we are having an amazing and mild winter.  Now that this winter is nearing its end, we can look forward to walking up and down the beach during the summer 2012!  While it may still seem like it’s a long way off, I can assure you [&hellip

“If you can’t put it down, then don’t pick it up!”

These are the words that run through my mind when I see the guys in the gym who insist on trying to lift more weight than they can handle.  You can always spot them.  Picture someone arching his back while struggling to bench press 100 lb. dumbbells. Each attempted press (there is usually only one [&hellip

Avoiding the Plateau

OK, picture this:  You’re at the gym.  You see the same guy there every day.  He’s working out hard, lifting weights, doing cardio, and pushing himself into the ground.  He seems to be doing everything right.  But for some reason you notice that his body never seems to change.  And then you take a look [&hellip

Those Legendary Six Pack Abs!

It’s maddening!  It seems like on almost every fitness magazine, there is a glamour shot of some hard bodied super model glistening with sweat, and showing off one of the most sought after looks among gym goers today.  Of course I’m talking about those infamous six pack abs!  I can’t tell you how many times [&hellip

Synergy: The Only Real Answer to Getting Real Results

It never ceases to amaze me how many new gadgets and supplements still seem to find their way into the fitness industry promising some miraculous easy way to lose weight.  From Cortisol, to Trim Spa, to the energy bracelets, which actually allow you to lose weight just by wearing them!  Sound too good to be [&hellip

Active Rest: Your Reward for Hard Work

It’s Tuesday.  Three pm.  I’ve just finished returning my emails.  All of a sudden I hear Mia crying at the front door.  No, Mia isn’t my roommate, she’s my dog.  I figure, I’ve got a few minutes, why not go outside and take her for a walk.  Well, Mia was particularly frisky that day, so [&hellip

Lower Body Training: Why It’s Important

I am often surprised how many times I am asked the question, “Is strength training really necessary for the lower body?”  I always tell them what a wise trainer friend of mine once said:  IT’S HALF OF YOUR BODY.  Of course it’s necessary! There is a common misconception that strength training for the lower body [&hellip

It All Starts Here: Posture and Balance Training

We’ve all seen them.  You know, the beefy  muscleheads that  grunt and groan in the gym, disrupting everybody else’s workout.  But have you ever  really taken a good look at them.  A lot of heavy resistance trainers of this type can be easily pointed out, and I’m not just talking about their loud voices.  Look [&hellip

Nutrition for Bodybuilders 101

“Nutrition is half of the equation!” That is my typical response whenever somebody asks me about the importance of nutrition in an exercise program. Sadly, many of the people who ask me this question are people who have been working out for years and have failed to see the results that they originally wanted

Flexibility Training: Why it’s Important

Many questions have been asked why stretching should be included in training programs.  For a long time, flexibility training has been one of the most overlooked components of physical fitness.  Many people, including some trainers, get caught up in the strength building and aerobic components of fitness, that they forget about flexibility.  The bottom line [&hellip

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