The BB Upright Row: A Classic for the Upper Back & Shoulders

Throughout the training arsenal, there are many great “postural” exercises; that is, exercises designed to correct or improve faulty posture. One very common faulty posture is rounded shoulders, which is commonly found in people who sit at computers all day. The musculature of the upper back becomes stretched out and weak, leading to weakness. One [&hellip

Dips for Powerful Pecs

When it comes to training the chest, there is one exercise that I have been performing for over 30 years now: dips. Between the ages of 12 and 15 I competed as a gymnast. The training was intense. My coaches used to torture my teammates and I with 45 minutes of strengthening and conditioning at [&hellip

Fire Those Abs: The Stability Ball Crunch

Over the years, there has been great speculation about abdominal training and whether or not it is really necessary. It is true that many larger compound exercises such as squats and lunges activate the abdominals as synergistic muscle groups. However, it is my opinion that the abdominals should also be isolated by doing specific exercises [&hellip

A Great Leg Alternative: The KB Goblet Squat

Hopefully by now, most of you understand the great importance of training the lower body. Hopefully you also understand that squats are one of the best exercises you can possibly do. Having said that, squats can often be a difficult exercise to learn for some people, especially if you are performing the front squat version [&hellip

Earn Your Wings: The Lat Pulldown

The lats, often referred to as “wings” make up a large portion of the musculature for the back. This powerful muscle group is very important to train as it has a strong effect on enhancing correct posture and creating muscular balance within the upper body. The Lat Pulldown is one of the most classic exercises [&hellip

Isolate Those Lats With the Lat Sweep

The Lat Sweep is one of my all-time favorite exercises because it is the only exercise that truly isolates the lats. The lats, or “wings” as some people like to call them make up a good portion of the back musculature so taking time to isolate them can really help to bring about a nicely [&hellip

Get Jacked: The DB Chest Fly

Ah yes, summer is here and everyone is looking to build that beach body! And once again, the chest is always high on the priority list. While I mainly like to concentrate on compound exercises to work the chest (bench press, dips, push- ups, etc.), I would like to focus this article around a classic [&hellip

Get Your Hamstrings On: The Stability Ball Leg Curl

As I have mentioned many times before, Stability Balls can be an extremely effective tool in your arsenal for fitness. They allow you to perform a multitude of exercises for the entire body while constantly challenging the core at the same time. One of my favorites is the Stability Ball Leg Curl. While the single [&hellip

Stability Ball Push Up- Version 2

OK, so did you all go out and try version 1 of the Stability Ball Push Up? If you did then you probably discovered that it is undoubtedly more challenging than the traditional push up. You probably noticed that your core was also getting a great workout at the same time as your pecs. Well, [&hellip

Stability Ball Push Up- Version 1

For decades, Stability Balls have been used by personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike to add core training to their workouts. By “core training” I mean that the core musculature (abdominals, obliques, glutes, and the lower erectors) are constantly engaged regardless of the exercise that is being performed. There are countless exercises that can be [&hellip

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