Overhead Rope Extension- An Arm Training Must

I have spoken before about the important role that the triceps play in arm training. While many people tend to focus more on biceps training, it is actually the triceps that make up the bulk of the arm musculature. Biceps and triceps training must be evenly balanced to build an effectively solid arm. One of [&hellip

Playing it Safe Part 2: Cable Internal Rotation

OK, folks I would like to continue my discussion of the importance of rotator cuff training in this article. My last article covered external rotation for the rotator cuff. This time, I would like to explain internal rotation. Once again, there are different ways to effectively train the internal rotators, but using cables is probably [&hellip

Playing it Safe: Cable External Rotation

Safety first. This is something I always try to impress upon clients when I work with them. Training should never be about just trying to look better; it should also be about getting healthy and performing exercises in a safe and effective manner. I find this to be especially true when it comes to training [&hellip

Single Arm Cable Press: Two Birds, One Stone

The last decade has seen a significant rise in functional training. Functional training essentially means “core” training, or exercises that mimic the movements that we make in our daily lives. While I use other training methods as well, I always incorporate functional training methods into my clients’ workout programs. One of my favorite functional training [&hellip

Getting Fit For the Ice: It’s Time For Winter Sports!

Well folks, 2014 has come and gone. And despite the fact that we had an amazingly warm December, the hard truth is that the cold and the snow are upon us. Even as I sit here writing this article, I am bundled up in double layers, trying not to think about the fact that it [&hellip

Cap Your Shoulder Workout: The DB Lateral Raise

If I had to pick one muscle group that was deemed to be the weakest area of the body on most people, it would probably be the shoulders. Many people forego specific shoulder training as the shoulders are involved when working the chest and back. However, I believe it is important to isolate the shoulder [&hellip

Build a Solid Back: the Barbell Bent- Over Row

For decades, power lifters and exercise enthusiasts alike have been using the Bent- Over Barbell Row to develop significant strength and size in their backs. The main muscle group targeted here is the middle back; however the lats and rhomboids are also called into activation, as well as the core. This powerful exercise is exceptionally [&hellip

The Beauty of the Roman Chair

One thing I have noticed as a trainer over the years, is that there seems to be an obsession with some people when it comes to training their abs. Abdominals are important to train but they do not need to be trained every day as some people do. It is also just as important to [&hellip

Planks: A One Stop Shop for the Core

When it comes to training the core in a quick, efficient, and effective manner, nothing beats the Plank. There are many different variations of the Plank, but this article is focused on the traditional version and the side plank. What makes it such a great exercise is that it trains the entire core all at [&hellip

Tricep Pressdown for Triceps of Death

When it comes to arm training, many people seem to focus heavily on bicep training. However, it is every bit as important to include training for the triceps. In fact, this underappreciated muscle group is arguably the workhorse of the upper arm and can add considerable size when trained properly. As the name suggests, the [&hellip

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