Get Your Freeze On: Training Outdoors In the Winter

As I sit here at my computer writing this article in my toasty warm apartment, it is currently -15 degrees outside with a wind chill taking it to -45. Now, I know we folks here in Chicago have had some bad winters but this really takes the cake! As I was driving home from the [&hellip

New Year. New Body. New Mind

It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting here at my computer writing last year’s New Year themed article. The older I get, the faster time seems to pass. It is a reminder to grab life by the balls and live each moment “in the moment”. For me, that moment has always included fitness. [&hellip

Exercise and Youth: A Winning Combination

When I was a kid, I had the extraordinary experience of being a competitive gymnast. As a young child, I was always jumping and climbing all over my house. I guess my mom figured that gymnastics would be a perfect fit for me, so she enrolled me in after-school gymnastics classes. I did well, so [&hellip

Beating the Holiday Trap

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Tis the season to be jolly. And for many of us, we will get extra jolly around our mid- section. There is just no escaping it: holiday eating is high in calories, and most of those calories are coming from sugar and fat. The inevitable result is [&hellip

Like Pulling Teeth: Motivating Your Partner to Exercise

Well folks, we did it! Illinois has now joined the ranks of several other enlightened states in moving forward to full equality for all! I hope you are ready for all of those gay wedding invitations that are coming. And what better way to celebrate this victory than by taking care of ourselves and our [&hellip

Easing the Pain: Exercise and Fibromyalgia

It is one of the biggest mysteries of the medical world and it affects millions. Fibromyalgia is a multisystem disorder that affects up to 4% of the population, most of whom are women between the ages of 20 and 60. This mysterious syndrome can be debilitating and is often characterized by persistent wide- ranging pain [&hellip

From the Gym Floor to the Bedroom: The Sexual Benefits of Exercise

Sex, sex, and more sex! It’s everywhere. It’s on the television shows we watch, the movies we see, the magazines we read, and yes, it’s even in the gym! Of course I don’t mean sex in the literal sense. But figuratively speaking, sexuality oozes everywhere, and the gym is no exception. We all come from [&hellip

Kettle Bell Training 101: Why it’s So Damn Popular

Last week, I had the memorable experience of attending the Midwest Mania Fitness Conference out in Rosemont, IL. I had two full days of intense training and lecture. One of those workshops that I had enrolled in was specifically geared toward kettle bell/ kettle weight training. This was a workshop that I had wanted to [&hellip

Stepping Up: Taking Your Leg Training To the Next Level

“It’s half of your body!” That is my token response whenever someone asks me if leg training is necessary. There is a mistaken belief out there that if someone is performing consistent aerobic activity such as cycling, running, or step aerobics, then strength training for the lower body is unwarranted. I’ve said it before and [&hellip

Exploring the Fighter Within: Kickboxing 101

It feels good. Kicking, punching, jabbing, kneeing, and even belting out an indescribable sound that is so loud it can disrupt anyone with their ipod on the highest volume. It’s kickboxing! And this popular form of exercise is still running wild in gyms and health clubs across the nation. And why shouldn’t it be? There [&hellip

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