The last decade has seen a significant rise in functional training. Functional training essentially means “core” training, or exercises that mimic the movements that we make in our daily lives. While I use other training methods as well, I always incorporate functional training methods into my clients’ workout programs. One of my favorite functional training exercises is the Single Arm Cable Press. This is a fantastic exercise that trains the pectoral muscles while also providing a strong challenge for the core, thereby killing two birds with one stone. Synergist muscles in the shoulder are also called into action, leading to greater shoulder stabilization.

To perform the exercise: Stand in a staggered stance in front of a cable station, facing away from the weight stack. With the D-handle attachment positioned at your chest height, reach behind you and grab it with one hand, your palm facing outward. Hold the opposite hand straight in front of you for balance. Push your back hand forward, straightening it in front of your chest while pulling your front arm back to your shoulders. Pause, and then reverse to return to the starting position. It is always important to maintain a flat back and long spine and to fully extend your pressing arm to achieve a full range of motion. I also recommend taking a solid stance for stability. On the return phase of the movement, there should be some slight torso rotation in your oblique muscles, making this a great multi- function exercise.

Try it- you’ll like it!